Updated 3/16/22
Local Pickup: Deltona, Florida

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Plants Can be Shipped based on USPS Facebook Marketplace Rates below.
UPS Bulk Shipping available for large orders over 10 lbs.
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All are Listed on Facebook - Links Shown Below.
All Shipped Cuttings require a Minimum $4 order.
I Accept Cash, Cashapp, Paypal, Zelle, Credit Cards


Shipping $13.50 EACH
You get it Potted w.dirt as long as it is below 5 lbs.
Over 5 lbs I will have to remove dirt.

Potted Rooted Peruvian Apple Cactus
13" Potted Peruvian Apple Cactus $18
Shipping $13.50
Potted Rooted Peruvian Monstrose Apple Cactus
12" Monstrose Crested Potted Very Rooted
Peruvian Apple Cactus $35
Shipping $13.50
Potted Rooted Peruvian Apple Cactus
12" Potted Rooted Crested
Monstrose Peruvian Apple Cactus $35
- Shipping $13.50
Prickly Pear Cactus
3 Left Potted - Prickly Pear
w.Yellow Flowers Purple Fruit Cactus
$7 Each - Shipping $9.25 Each
Crested Monstrose Peruvian Cactus
11" Potted Monstrose Crested
Peruvian Apple Cactus $40
Shipping $13.50

Peruvian Apple Cactus
12" Double Potted Peruvian Apple Cactus $35
Shipping $13.50
Crested Monstrose Peruvian Cactus
10" Potted Monstrose Crested
Peruvian Apple Cactus $35
Shipping $13.50
Bay Leaf Tree SeedlingsBay Leaf Tree Seedlings
12" Bay Leaf Tree Seedlings $8 Each
Shipping $4
Bay Leaf Tree SeedlingsLoquat Tree Seedlings
3 Loquat Tree Seedlings $5
Shipping $4

Allen Cutting Cactus

Deltona Florida, Mt Dora, Florida and Surrounding Areas

Allen and his crew do the big cutting and Ann can do the smaller jobs as she likes to collect all kinds of cactus cuttings that people don't want such as Prickly Pear, Dragon Fruit, Dogtail Cactus, Night Blooming Tree Climbing Cactus, Overgrown Succulents and Vines.
We Can Come and Cut and Clean Around your Cactus so it will look and grow better in exchange for your Cuttings.
Please fill out the contact form on the bottom of this page if interested.
Allen Trimming Cactus

Amaryliss Seeds Amaryliss Seeds - 25 for $5 - Shipping $4 w. Tracking
or fill out the contact form below and I can just send them in the mail using a postage stamp.
However w. stamped postage there is no tracking.
Red Dragon Flower
Red Dragon Flower Rooted Sprigs - 2 Rooted Sprigs $5 ea. (3"-4" each) - Shipping $4.00
Purple Heart Succulent
Purple Heart Wandering Jew - $5 for 5 Cuttings - Shipping $4.00
Striped Green Purple Heart Succulent
Striped Purple Heart Wandering Jew
- $5 for 6 Cuttings - Shipping $4.00

Devils Backbone Succulent
Devils Backbone Succulent - $5 for 4 pcs. - 6" - Shipping $4.00
Orange Ground Orchids
Orange Ground Orchid Cutting - 2 Rooted Cuttings for $5 - Shipping $4.00
Aloe Sprigs or Cuttings
Aloe Rooted Sprigs - 4 Small for $5 or 1 Larger - 10" rooted sprig - Shipping $4.00 -
Aloe Cuttings
1/2 lb Edible Aloe Cuttings $10 - Shipping $4
Prickly Pear Cactus
Prickly Pear Cactus Pads - $.50 per 1" (9-10" is $5) - Shipping $4.00

Nopal Fresh Prickly Pear Fruit - Out of Stock
Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit
1 lbs (.14 oz) 8 Large Purple Prickly Pear Nopal Cactus Fruits
Whole Rooted and UnRooted Prickly Pear Plants and Cuttings available-prices based on weight and size.
Small rooted or unrooted 1 lb. $8 - Shipping $5.75-6.24: 1 lb Prickly Pear Cactus Cuttings
Box of Cactus Small rooted or unrooted 5 lbs. $12 - Shipping $13.50:5 lbs Prickly Pear Cactus
Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane - Cane $5 per 6" - Shipping $4.00

Dieffenbachia Cutting w.Leaves approx. $1 per inch - Shipping $13.50

Dieffenbachia Bare Root Plant
22" Dieffenbachia Bare Root - All Plants are $1 per inch measuring from top leaf to bottom of roots - min.order 14" - Shipping $9.25
Bear Paw Fern
Bear Paw Fern Leaf $5 wrapped in moss cut directly from palm tree - Shipping $4.00

Bear Paw Fern Leaf - Grows well on Palm Trees on the south side and can take the heat
How to Propagate Ferns from Spores
Star Fruit Seeds
8 Starfruit Seeds $4 - Shipping $4 - SOLD OUT
or fill out the contact form below and I can just send them in the mail using a postage stamp.
However w. stamped postage there is no tracking.
Dragon Fruit Cutting Dragon Fruit Cuttings $1 per 1" for Large 3 sided kind No Spines -
Smallest Cutting is 4" for $4 - Shipping $4.00
Dragon Fruit Cuttings
Tell me how many inches you want as I cut it fresh off the parent plant.
Resurrection Ferns
Resurrection Ferns - 15 for $5 - Shipping $4.00 - Grows well in the shade on a Tree Trunk

Purple or Pink Mexican Petunias - bare root - $4 ea. - Shipping $4.00
Vinca Impatiens
Pink or White Vinca/Impatiens - $4 ea. - need to be dug up - in person only at this time.
Mother of Millions / Kalanchoe in Pots in Person $5 or Shipped BareRoot

Kalanchoe Rosettes
10 Baby Kalanchoe Rosettes, Also known as Mother Of Millions and Donkeys Ear $5 - Shipping $4

Loquat Seeds
Loquat Longan Japanese Plum Seeds
- $5 for a packet of 20 Seeds Harvested May 2022 - Shipping $4
Also have sprouted seedlings and sprouted seeds - fill out contact form below if interested
Peruvian Cactus Fruit
Peruvian Apple Cactus Seeds
- $5 for a packet of 20 Fresh Seeds - Shipping $4
or fill out the contact form below and I can just send them in the mail using a postage stamp.
However w. stamped postage there is no tracking
Red Mimosa Seeds Red Mimosa Seed Pods 4 for $5 - Shipping $4
4 Red Mimosa Seed Pods
Princess Palm Seeds Princess Palm Trees Seeds - 10 for $5 - Shipping $4 - Late Summer
Lady Fern Leatherwood Fern w. Roots - 4 Rooted Leaves $5 - Shipping $4
Muscadine Grape Vines 20 ft. Muscadine Grape Vine rolled $25 - Shipping $13.50 - August/September after Grapes have fallen off to tell which ones are female Muscadine Grape Vines
Dragon Bone Tree
Candelabra Tree, Dragon Bones, Euphorbia Lactea - 3" Cutting $5 - Shipping $4
Century Plants
Century Plants
Varieagated Agave - 1 Large $20- 2 Small $10 each - Deltona Local Pickup Only
Blue Agave
Blue Agave Plant in Ground w.3 pups underneath 27"X22" $40 - Deltona, FL Local Pickup Only
Date Palms
Silver Date Palm - 2 Year Old Silvestri Sylvester Silver Date Palm Bare Root/large root ball $30 - Shipping $13.50
Date Palms Coming Soon: Date Palm Seeds, Seedlings and Mature Date Palms For Sale
Date Palm Seeds - 5 for $5 - Shipping $4
Silver Date Palm Seeds
Date Palms
Date Palms 1
Date Palms
Date Palms 2
Date Palms
Date Palms 3
Date Palms
Date Palms 4
Date Palms
Date Palms 5
Date Palms
Date Palms 6

Coming soon

Saw Palmetto Berries $30 per lb
Saw Palmetto Palm in 3 gallon pot $25 or Bareroot

Plant Trades I Would Like

Mamey Sapote
Navel Orange Tree Grafted
Tangerine Tree Grafted
Lychee Tree
Purple Spineless Bouganvilla
Pachypodium Lamerei - Madagascar Palm
Cactus I like in trade:
Trichocereus Pachanoi
Echinopsis Pachanoi F. Cristata (Crested San Pedro Cactus)
Crested Variegated Echinopsis
Myrtillocactus Cristata Geometrizans Crested Blue
Euphorbia Lactea Cristata
Euphorbia Monadenium Stapeloides Guentheri (Medusa)
Variegated Josephs Coat Cactus
Spiral Peruvian Apple Cactus
San Pedro Cactus
Flowers I like in trade:
Long Stem Tea Rose Plants
Epidendrum Reed Orchid in Pink, Yellow or Red
Variegated Pothos
Succulents I like in trade:
Chicks and Hens

Facebook Shipping Weights/Prices:

Up to 8 oz. $4.00 USPS First Class
9 oz to 1 lb $5.75 USPS First Class
1-2 lb $9.25 USPS Priority
2-5 lb.$13.50 USPS Priority or
UPS Ground $10.80
5-10 lb $22 USPS Priority or
UPS Ground $16.20

Over 10 lb UPS Shipping calculated
based on weight.
Bulk Cactus
10 Lb Box $150
Shipping $22 USPS Priority
Not interested in any of these as I have plenty or am not interested in them at this time:
Banana, papaya, loquat, spined bouganvilla, birds of paradise, palms, mango, avocado, fig, plumeria, angels trumpet, bamboo, hibiscus, yucca, starfruit, grapes, crotons, venus fly traps, african violets, lantana, azalea, begonia, sago, agave, century plants

Links I like:

Cactus and Succulent Traders

Lost City Tree Farm at Renningers Twin Markets, Mt. Dora, Florida

Plant Website Advertising